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We’re Outdoor Power Equipment Experts Too!

Bundaberg Marineland is a family-owned business which, as the name suggests, is great at helping the many boating enthusiasts in the region enjoy a fantastic boating lifestyle. But the Husqvarna connection is actually how the current owners, Leon, Dale & Karen came to own the business.

As a qualified small engine mechanic, Dale was working for the previous Bundaberg Husqvarna agent and came to work in the business when the dealership was transferred here. Then, when the previous owners decided to retire in 2008, he convinced his brother and sister to join him in buying the business and Bundaberg Marineland began.

So our name might say ‘marineland’, but we’re also experts ‘on land’.

Great Equipment Makes Your Work Easier

Whether you are just maintaining your own yard, or your business involves gardening, landscaping, clearing or yard maintenance, our goal is to make your life easier. Experience has taught us that the best way to do that is by supplying and servicing high-quality equipment.

That’s why we only supply brands that we know and trust to do the job they were designed to do for many years, and we service everything we sell.

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