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It’s that time of year when your lawnmower gets a heavy workout. In the Bundaberg area, many people find they need to mow their lawn every week from about November to through March. Now is not the time to get caught out.

Mowers Need Regular Servicing

 Lawnmowers can tend to get neglected when it comes to regular servicing and it’s often only when the mower won’t start that it finally gets some attention.

While nowhere near as complex as your car, your mower still has lots of moving parts that wear out with use and, like your car, it needs to be maintained to ensure it runs reliably and lasts as long as possible.

To keep your mower in great condition the oil, spark plug and air filter should be changed at regular intervals. Blades should also be sharpened or changed as needed. You will find the required intervals for each of these items in your owners’ manual, or you can bring the mower into the workshop.

It’s also best to have a qualified service technician check your mower’s engine and give it a tune-up every twelve months, or as recommended by the manufacturer. Ideally, you should get this done before summer but if you’ve left it late in the piece, there’s no time like right now.

Quick Tips

  • If your mower has been sitting for quite a while with petrol in it, drain the tank and start with fresh fuel. ‘Stale’ petrol is a chief suspect in many mower starting problems.
  • Be sure to clean out the undercarriage after each mow. Grass and dust can get caked in there and cause other parts of the mower to not work as they should.

Bundaberg Marineland is your local authorised service agent and repairer for Husqvarna mowers and lawn tractors. However, we can service and repair any type of small engine.

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