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Husqvarna says that its mowers should last 15 years with proper care and maintenance. While naturally we think everyone should have a Husqvarna, there are some simple steps you can take after and between each mow no matter what brand of mower you own.

After Each Mow

Give the machine a good clean. The liquid from cut grass can be very corrosive and having a clean cutting deck also ensures sure the mower is operating as it should.

BONUS TIP: Did you know that caked-on grass is a primary cause of spreading fungal diseases in your lawn?

Be sure to clear away any debris from the cutting deck and wipe away any dust from around the engine to help prevent air or fuel blockages.

NOTE: If tipping the mower on its side, ensure the fuel tank is empty.

Mower Storage

During summer you will probably be using your mower every week or two, however, during winter there are some important steps to take before storing the mower for longer periods.

Firstly, don’t leave petrol in the tank for weeks or months on end. ‘Stale’ petrol can be a problem when you go to start the mower again and can also cause engine damage.

After a thorough clean, inspect the blades and belts for wear and tear.

If your mower has assisted electrical start, it is good to check the battery and give it a full recharge while the mower is stored away.

Winter is also a great time to consider bringing your mower to the dealership for a comprehensive annual service. It’s good for the machine and you will beat the last-minute rush at the beginning of summer.

Before You Use Your Mower

Before using your mower, here are a couple of steps which should only take a couple of minutes…

  • Fill your tank using fresh clean petrol to ensure easy starting
  • Check the oil level
  • Ensure that any safety features, such as guards, are securely in place

There are relatively few things that can go wrong with a lawnmower. Doing some simple things before and after each use will help ensure your mower lasts quite a few years.

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